AICC Constitution
AICC Bylaws

Mission Statement
The AICC is a liaison for all arts organizations. Our council hopes to increase communication within the College of the Arts, promote the growth of a unique artistic community, aid the continual success of all arts clubs and organizations, promote school unity, and serve as an advisory board to the Assistant Dean for the College of the Arts. We provide funding for AICC recognized events on campus, as well as for students traveling to workshops or conferences outside of the university.

2017-2018 Executive Board

Andrew Selegean Chair aicc.chair@gmail.com
Patricia Ho Vice Chair / Financial Officer aicc.vicechair@gmail.com
Alex Jacobson Director of Administration aicc.doa@gmail.com

2016-2017 ASI Liaisons

Sara O’Toole

MacKenzie Sheppard

ASI Board of Directors asboard-arts@fullerton.edu


Maricela Alvarado Assistant Dean for Student Affairs malvarado@fullerton.edu

AICC is affiliated with the College of the Arts, and is funded by the Associated Students, CSUF, Inc.

College of the Arts

California State University, Fullerton

Associated Students, CSUF, Inc

Student Life and Leadership



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