Proposal Guidelines

Policies Overview
AICC Financial Policies PowerPoint
ASI Financial Handbook

AICC Forms
Allocation Request Form (for ALL proposals)

On Campus Event Forms
Contract Proposal Checklist
Contract/Fees/Rental Written Proposal (first page format docx)
W9 Form for Guest Speakers/Artists
Guidelines for Event Flyer

Off Campus Travel Forms
Travel Proposal Checklist
Travel Written Proposal Format  (first page format docx)
Delegate Contract (one per student)
Travel Request Form (one per student)
Driver Authorization

Evaluation Form**
Event Evaluation Form

Other Forms
TSU Reservation Request
CSUF Facility Reservation Request
Income & Expense Report
**Event Evaluation Form must be completed for all AICC-hosted events and club/organization events for which AICC has provided/allocated funding.

Funding F.A.Q.

Q. Who has access to AICC funds?
Student clubs and organizations that are members of AICC may propose for funding.

Q. Which documents do I need?
A. Check out the checklists for the proposal you want to make: travel or contract/fees/rentals.

Q. How do I prove my member is an active travel Participant?!
A. You need either: an email from the conference organizer welcoming you to perform/show/etc OR your name on the official event schedule.

Q. What if I don’t have my original ticket or my flight/event/etc.?
A. As per ASI regulations, you must have originals in order to be reimbursed.

Q. Does everything need to be typed?
All documents (excluding signatures) MUST be typed. Otherwise, they will be returned to you for corrections.

Q. When do you need the forms by so I can be on the agenda?
The Monday BEFORE your proposal date. Please see our timeline document for deadlines.

Q. Who do I give my forms to?
All forms should be handed to the Vice Chair.

** If you have any other questions, please email the AICC Vice Chair. Thank you!


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